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Residential and Commercial

Your home and business is a reflection of you, your family and what you are capable of providing your clients. Thus, it is essential that you give an excellent first impression, and what better way of doing this than through a well-maintained, clean, fresh and inviting home and commercial establishment.

We are a team of competent, dedicated and experienced cleaning personnel who understand the importance of quality service. We will provide you a crew that fits your residential and commercial cleaning needs to ensure that every corner, nook and cranny is made spotless! Your kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, carpets, floors, windows––name it!–– will all take a homey and cozy look and feel. As for your office, reception and waiting area, hallways and every aspect of your building, our team will guarantee cleaning and maintenance services that will make your business your pride and joy!

Strip and Wax

From marble, ceramic tiles, natural stone, granite, vinyl, and several other flooring materials, we do it all! We can bring back the life from your old, dirty and worn out floors!

Although a hard surface flooring system is durable and long lasting, it gets beaten up by everyday traffic, temperature changes, moisture problems and several other damaging elements! It becomes dull and lifeless. But not with the services we offer! Southwest Janitorial Service will provide customized floor stripping and waxing that will definitely maintain you floor’s resilience and luster.

We can strip off dirt and grime, including your floor’s old finish and sealer, then apply high quality finish and wax – buffed to a deep shine! The end result will be a seamless, vibrant and professional-looking surface that resists scratches, scuff marks, dirt penetration and abrasion! We can also schedule cleaning and maintenance services to ensure that your flooring system stays at its best!

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a great way of cleaning off decks, garages, driveways, sidings, and other larger areas in your property that are constantly exposed to several harsh environmental elements. Pressure washing done professionally will not only reduce wear and tear on such surfaces but will help preserve the floors look and pristine state.

Our team makes use of the latest techniques, partnered by high-end equipment and tools for services that others can only hope to offer. We know that you value your residential and commercial property, and so we want to help you maintain its appearance, condition and overall market value. With our ten-year experience in the industry, we know what you need.

Carpet Cleaning

Over time, carpets worn out and its appearance deteriorate. We at Southwest Janitorial Service knows that every carpet needs to be visually pleasing and well maintained that's why we offer the best carpet cleaning service available.

Southwest Janitorial Service houses professionally trained carpet cleaners to help you keep your carpet free of unsightly elements. Depending on the assessed needs of your carpet, we will create a cleaning program that will perfectly fit your space and your budget.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

With continuous operation, your kitchen ducts, hoods, fans and vents will accumulate grease which when left unclean will pose extreme fire hazard. Sometimes, minor problems that lurk in unseen areas will eventually become huge problems that may disrupt your business and costing you large sums of money.

Let us handle such problems! If you are in need of a general assessment, a complete kitchen exhaust cleaning or a simple hood cleaning for regular maintenance, we are your perfect partner! Our crew will clean your kitchen exhaust from top to bottom, leaving not a single grease or flammable residue. We also adhere to the standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to ensure the most efficient and safest services to address your needs.

Southwest Janitorial Service has been in the business for over 20 years, providing excellent janitorial services to Western Kansan and surrounding areas. We are attentive to every detail and sensitive to your every need. If you are searching for a cleaning company like no other, give us a CALL NOW!